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See our White Witch on 7/24/21 at the appropriately named White Witch Psychic Fair!

Join us for the White Witch Psychic Fair in Smithfield, Rhode Island on July 24th!

Our own White Witch will be in attendance, posing for pictures, casting spells, and enjoying the general ambience.

If you have the energy, follow the crowd to the sister party: The Dark Witch - A Salem Costume Party in the Woods night party (5:45 PM to 11 PM).

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The White Witch Psychic Affair & Bazaar

An Outdoor Market 11am - 4pm

The White Witch Psychic Affair & Bazaar is a Psychic Fair held in Smithfield and is family-friendly - this particular event will have many unique types of metaphysical and healing masters as well as general vending! Psychics, Tarot Readers, Mediums, Meditation Gurus, Reiki Specialists, Vendors, Unique collectors, and more; Beverages inside!

Dress-code: Costumes of all kind, Witches, Positive Metaphysical dress, gowns, suits, Victorian & Renaissance emphasis (suggested dress: Wizard of Oz, Narnia, Princess & Prince)

During COVID: Masks Required.

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