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See us in September at Berkshire Busk

We're making plans to appear at Berkshire Busk twice this season! You will see us the first weekend of September, on the 3rd and 4th.

Stay close to the Berkshire Busk website and social media pages for their up-to-date announcements on the line-up. We'll let you know on our side as well.

Berkshire Busk! is a new 10-weekend summer event in Great Barrington, MA, where street performers (“buskers”) will perform in designated areas in the early evenings of Friday and Saturday. The locations span one end of downtown to the other, and we invite you to experience a new kind of immersive arts experience. The buskers we are inviting to participate will be diverse in age, race, gender, skill, and genre -- from jazz, rock and folk bands, to classical music, spoken word, dance, jugglers and more.

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