Nothing is impossible, even in the world of live events acclimating to Covid19. Though nearly all appearances were eliminated or put on hold for 2020, Acqua Carta is available to discuss custom needs as this global situations continues to develop and events begin into 2021 and beyond. Safe and distanced appearances, long-distance consults, and even costume rental is possible as we move into the future of live events.


One of the beautiful things to come out of quarantine was the refinement of remote performances. Ashley's experience in voice work makes her a natural for custom vocal greetings in videos, dubbed or spoken live. All other costumes and movement-based characters are also available for video performances. Scripted or improv, live or recorded, let us help you add a little flair to your next remote event.



From wreath weaving with her grandmother, to a textiles class in community college, to painting her own costumes in her bathtub (shhh, don't tell the landlord), Ashley has developed several techniques for faux finishing different types of hard and porous surfaces. Are you looking to commission a piece, or have a specific item faux finished? Rent our existing costumes? Inquire below.


With experience in immersive events, concept art, 2-dimensional design, vocal/sound design, scripted, improvisation, and staged performances, Ashley and the Acqua Carta consulting artists are prepared and excited to develop new never-before-seen projects. The only missing piece is: you. Reach out to our team, no matter your stage of development, or the area you want to explore.