Based out of the Boston area, Ashley Arnold is the primary artist behind the name Acqua Carta. After a youth defined by theatre, crafts and too much time spent unsupervised, she received a BFA in interior design from an overpriced and now-defunct west coast university. She would love to speak to you about the economics of student debt forgiveness.

Through her mid 20s, Ashley began working in two distinct areas of performance: voice over and special events. As her voice over career developed and changed from audiobooks to commercial, similarly her live performance art developed from small company employment, to attempted collaborations, to producing work independently. 

Acqua Carta offers various types of live installations, in-person or digital appearances, custom faux finishing on your textiles, or anything else you're ready to imagine.

As is true for many of her accomplishments, Ashley wouldn't be here without some key collaborators holding her up. In addition to our clients (below), our contributing artists (pictured) are the ones who keep the art afloat. You'll often find them alongside Ashley in the field.

Buskers on the Bay

WaterFire Providence

Bristol Merchant Association

Providence Boat Show


Big Brothers Big Sisters of RI

Seven Cedars Farm

MA Tattoo & Art Festival

stART on the Street

The Steel Yard

Fallen Tree Exhibitions