Based out of the Providence area, Ashley Arnold is the primary artist behind the name Acqua Carta. After a youth defined by theatre, crafts and too much time spent unsupervised, she focussed in Art at CCRI before she received a BFA in interior design from an overpriced and now-defunct west coast university. She would love to speak to you about the economics of student debt forgiveness.

At community college, Ashley learned the art of textile dyeing and faux finishing, 2D and 3D design, and she struggled through at least one painting class. These became some of the most valuable tools in her development as a original creator. 

Acqua Carta offers various types of live installations, in-person or digital appearances, custom faux finishing, and one-on-one consultation and design. 


As a performer, Ashley's primary specialties are improvisation and voice over. As a part time freelance voice artist, she has voiced over 600 custom projects for all types of clients, plus over 40 audiobooks. Should your project require live or pre-recorded audio, Ashley can advise and guide your team, then deliver your final results.

Collaboration is the fuel behind Acqua Carta​. Whether we are collaborating with our clients (listed below), our performers (pictured) or a fellow artist, we simply love creating beautiful things. We hope to work with you soon.

Buskers on the Bay

WaterFire Providence

Bristol Merchant Association

Providence Boat Show

Grownass Prom


Big Brothers Big Sisters of RI

Seven Cedars Farm

MA Tattoo & Art Festival

stART on the Street

The Steel Yard

Fallen Tree Exhibitions

Grimoire Academy

Berkshire Busk

Worcester PopUp at JMAC