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Acqua Carta. Live Art Performances, Installations, and More

Acqua Carta is a live art production company that specializes in engaging audiences with immersive performances, installations, and custom builds. Our team of artists and designers create unique experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible. In addition, we offer a variety of art pieces for sale, including photography and 3D art. Explore our website to learn more about our services and products.

The Steel Yard's Iron Pour

Fallen Tree Exhibitions

PVD Fest

Artist Ashley Arnold weaves vibrant tales through Acqua Carta, infusing hand-dyed textiles with soulful storytelling. Her journey from community college to a BFA in interior design became a tapestry of creativity, also extending into expressive voice-over work. Ashley’s creations, in varied mediums, invite you into worlds where every color tells a story.

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